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SaitaRealty is a satellite token in the Saitama ecosystem bringing a Web 3.0 approach to real world real estate. SaitaRealty will enable token buyers to be shareholders in a realty ecosystem through tokenomics that fund infrastructure and return profit from the developments.

"Official Contract - 0x142a774E8b52550E88E196CedD7A5835acB646D0"

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In today’s economy, many people around the world continue to face challenges with starting their businesses or finding affordable housing. Some of these hardships can include not finding land or building opportunities, scarcity in available residential properties to lease or purchase, and unreasonably priced housing options, which in some circumstances leads to homelessness.
SaitaRealty intends to resolve these issues and provide families and businesses a steppingstone in the right direction by acquiring and developing new and existing properties for residential or commercial use.
We aim to put a new system in place, that provides land and structures for new business complexes, new subdivisions for Zero-Emission Homes, multi family dwelling units, such as town homes/modular homes/condominiums, and also building and refurbishing residential homes and apartments geared toward low-income veteran/nonveterans and refugees.
This gives everyone a chance to accomplish their goals and receive the help they need to build a better future for themselves, their businesses, and their families.


SaitaRealty was formed from a desire to improve the economy while simultaneously providing communities with the appropriate resources to build a better future. Through dedication and perseverance, we designed a plan that allows investors to help develop this realty ecosystem via strategic tokenomics that will collect the capital necessary to fund these new infrastructures while returning profit to the investors.
With this decentralized approach, we can expand and sustain this new ecosystem of reality development and strengthen our economic conditions. Most importantly, we can help people regain their independence in making realty decisions by giving them the confidence and resources to build a better future for themselves and generations to come.