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The SaitaRealty

Commercial Land Development
Create property opportunities for franchises to be able to utilize land for business structures and complexes.
Business Complexes
Create and build infrastructures in the form of plazas, strip malls, and shopping centers to allow companies to strive for growth.
Zero-Emission Homes
Designed with grid tied solar panels and airtight insulation, which results in an energy efficient and carbon free environment.
Multi Family Dwelling Units
Build new townhomes, condominiums, modular homes, and apartment complexes that are designed for families and individuals.
Affordable Housing
Build and refurbish residential homes and apartment complexes to provide a place of residence for low-income veterans, nonveterans, and refugees.
Our Commercial Land Development
will focus on creating new business opportunities by developing infrastructures designed for commercial growth, to supply businesses with land to create, maximize and execute their business vision. With these solutions in place, commercial businesses will have a way to capitalize on opportunities, which lead to a thriving and growing economy.
Business Complexes
will be constructed to create a seamless transition between leasing property and quickly starting a business venture. Business owners will then start utilizing these newly designed plazas, strip malls, and shopping centers to launch their companies and start generating capital.
Our Zero-Emission Homes
will be designed with grid tied solar panels to create a net zero energy bill over the course of a year. We will ensure an airtight construction made for superior insulation leaving a zero-carbon footprint. This will result in a highly energy efficient home, that will give individuals and families the ability to live healthier lives by eliminating carbon, allergens, and toxins.
We will build Multi Family Dwelling Units
in the form of new townhomes and modular homes, giving occupants the ability to live in homes designed with affordability and customization in mind. In addition, new apartment complexes and condominiums will be constructed as another leasing opportunity for individuals and families. These solutions will give individuals the ability to create a new life for themselves and their families, which will generate revenue back to the economy and investors.
Our Affordable Housing
will be 100% nonprofit and designed for homeless veterans/non-veterans, lower income families/individuals, and refugees. By building new and refurbished homes and apartment complexes, we will be able to assist many in need with a new residence and a new outlook on life. This will help take away the burden for many that ended up in an unfortunate living situation and help them get back on their feet and move forward in life.